Friday, 21 April 2017

The other side of Life.

That one minute of near death experience we get when we cant find our cell phones in our handbag is nothing compared to when you actually stop breathing and all that is going on through your head is 'Dear God don't let me die in Ireland, so Far away from home'.

So the gist is, i traveled to Ireland, (against advises from friends)because who listens to advises right?, but the point is not the travelling part, the point is the consequences that could arise from the trip... OK, i will give you the whole gist.

I fell ill, very ill, that it was impossible to carry on normal daily activities, like properly digesting food and bending down to lift objects even so much as to tie up shoe laces (i have to sit and twist my leg 90 degrees  to fit it in), what was the cause , you ask? umbilical hernia, who knew that was a thing? turns out the intestine (i don't know which, whether small or large) was sticking itself through my belly button (probably looking for a way out, i guess my insides don't like me that much they have to find a way to escape) and this resulted to a swelling (hernia).

Went to the doctor's and it had to be fixed, a mesh was placed inside to cover the hole, so that the hernia would not come back again,(hopefully this procedure works). Tallinn been a wonderful place that it is, the doctor didn't have much to say to me pre and post surgery (i guess he felt everything is on the internet and i can damn well read, if i want to), i had no idea what to expect, how to take care of me, what to eat, what not to do etc, i was left to my fate.

So you see why i traveled? because i didn't get any doctors advice to do or not to., any which way, i went and at exactly 12 am on the same day of my arrival, when everyone had gone to bed, i ran short of breath, it was very painful and difficult to inhale, needless to say , by 12;30 the ambulance was at the doorstep and soon enough i was at the hospital, and there my friend, began my Irish vacation, i went through  series and series of test!

The most scaring part was when i was transferred from ER to the cancer ward! because at first they couldn't figure out what exactly was going on in my insides, and i was vomiting a lot, so one student nurse (i'd like to think, that she is one) decided that i was showing early symptoms of a cancer patient. this same nurse by the way was unable to find a vein to draw my blood, she stabbed the life off my both hands, like i still have the spilled blood under my skin (a week after) it was that bad.

I was advised to remain in Ireland for another two weeks before returning to Estonia, but i'm a poor tourist, i was already scared of the medical bill (turns out the treatment was free, i only had to pay for the night spent, sort of like the bed space used, or if i can provide my European Health Insurance Card, then it be covered.) i was treated and discharged with no one telling me how to or how much to pay, (they take the Easter celebration pretty serious, as all offices were on holidays), i had to go back 4 days later to inquire about the medical bill, (i love Ireland).

Tallinn beckoned and i heeded, i'm back to my boring and lonely life... but the evil spirit in me still want to travel... sigh! what to do with myself?
I know this story was cut half and half and a lot taken out, but you know that state where you have a lot to say at the same time that , you just say way less? that's me right now.!

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