Wednesday, 9 December 2015


It was the long awaited trip, i have been itching for this trip for the last year. funny is the fact that this trip was cancelled last year for security reasons, which for the life of me i cant remember what happened within that period, but this year with all the Terrorist attacks and Russia all over the place, as well as the direct scare to Brussels, this trip was a success.

Any ways i am so glad it worked out well, i had the most amazing time, i had fun, i laughed, forgot about some personal issues for a while and lived! do not get me wrong, Tallinn isnt that terrible as i always say to people, but i just needed to get the hell outta there for a even an hour, maybe it is the fact that it gets dark at 3 pm or i'm finally integrating and turning 'white' , but i have been sad (depressed) for some time now, i know depression is not a Nigerian thing, but either that, or i was just harboring so much on my mind and i was almost going crazy, so this breathe of fresh air in Brussels was a welcomed idea.
My dearest friend Kellz, this part is for you,
 I have heard so much of your fantasies of Mr H... i know i should have made the introductions some months ago, but as i always said, it sounded ridiculous to just 'accidentally' butt into him on the wall way and say, 'sorry, how are you doing today (even tho we dont ever speak, God knows why!), and by the way my friend over there, the really cute one has a super crush on you and here is here number or you know what, just add her up on Facebook.'. hellooooo ridiculous!

so i was with him today, i got to really speak to him (i'm sure it would be the last time, cos as i told you, we barely speak to each other) i know most things about him, inclusive and most annoying is the fact that he almost is never wrong on guesses, (you should try it, when you meet him, it is amazing), for me, the best part is that he can always bring 'African foodstuffs' for me, whenever he travels. (isnt that great? less stress for you i know). anyways, he is single , 'not searching' hot hot hot!(like you always say when you see him) thinks he is ready to date, but not sure why he isnt doing that already.(so go get him baby!)

I digress, back to Brussels, so it was a 2 day tightly scheduled trip, but hey! a girl cant go to a new city and just have a bath in the huge bathtub and sleep alone in the huge and O.M.G. inviting bed, so i took a brief detour, walked a long walk(which i didnt realize as at the time, because i was with a friend, and you know how we girls are, we always have something to talk about.) found an empty bus at the bus station, spoke the little French i could remember from high school, long story short, he gave us a free ride to the city center, and you know what next right? ...'selfie time!'
after a while of touring the city, we had to look for a way back, and behold, it was the same bus guy, (need i say he was cute... and the way he spoke the french to me, it was like a hard reset to my memory, everything just came rushing back!, hmmmmm

so we got back to the same bus and he dropped us right where he picked us up from, oops, i almost forgot, i made some new friends in the center as well, it was there first day in Brussels and they had no idea where they were going to , (just like me) a typical case of blind leading the blind if i must but it was fun to have spent time with new people and tried new thing,

On the long walk back to the hotel, i was so happy i was glowing, it was like i was in love.. maybe i was! there is something with french- the language, the cities, colonized or not, it just screams of love, i was happy until i got back to Tallinn! Damn, now i have to try hard to make myself happy in this country, because lets face it, nobody else will.