Saturday, 26 July 2014

The letter

Have you ever anticipated the arrival of  something so much that when it eventually came, it just broke your heart by the sight of it? well, that was what happened to me when THE MAIL eventually came.
i opened the attachment and there it was, the admission letter i had been expecting for a while now, Why am i not happy you ask? well i will tell you;

I looked at it for the trillionth time, and it was just the same to me, i couldn't figure it out, was it Egyptian scrolling?, Chinese? Indian? What in the world was that? i had no idea,... i closed the mail and looked at the caption, there it was in English 'Admission letter' so why then cant i read or understand the content of the letter? at  this point i was getting furious, this is just a typical example of ' A moment of joy turned to sorrow within the blink of an eye'

Why then did it come? is there any point forwarding such a mail to me?  why didn't he just send a mail saying 'the letter has come'? was he trying to pay me back for all the pressure i put on him to get me the admission?( of cos he wouldn't i was only urging him to do his job)these and so many more bounced around my mind, but there still was no answer!

Very well then, it is time to make calls, and remember friends that you haven't spoken to in a long time, form familiarity for a day, and hit them with your problems the following day( i know right? i learnt a lot from the social media) loool. so i made some calls, got a friend who (of cos) should know the language,,, and then i asked, do you still remember the language?( an innocent question) and he replied me in the language, if he was insulting me, i still till this day have no i forwarded the letter to him to help me translate ( i am yet to receive the translated copy (2 yrs now).
The 'He' mentioned above? - the Agent, the language?' Russian', the country? BELARUS.....What? you haven't heard of it? use Google map.... or better still just stick with me.....

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The very beginning

I pick up  my blackberry bold 4 and look at the notification, it was a mail *mtcheeeew* it would be another one of those junk mails "Enhance your penis", "Last more than 30 mins in bed", "buy UK fairly used phones at cheap prices", "FCMB introduces market women savings account", "Study in Ghana Tuition free" etc, they are just so many i cant even keep up,how did they even get my mail address in the first instance?( Jamb Question, i know) lol, i was tired of those mails, i was also tired of anticipating.

The truth is i have been expecting an important mail for over 1 month now, this mail is the very  mail,it even got itself christened 'THE MAIL', you see, i would be going about my normal business and my Dad would ask has 'THE MAIL' come yet?, my cousin would ask same 'THE MAIL' don enter? this mail if it eventually arrives would change my life (for good i hope), i guess then it is safe to say 'We' were all anticipating.

I didn't bother to check the mail, i continued pinging via bbm, chatting via whatsapp, scrolling up and down Facebook wall,looking for videos to watch and probably pictures to 'add my name to the number of likes', and scrolling through twitter to know more about the latest trends in the society ( not like it concerns me in any way tho), but that has become my lifestyle for the past 3 months, i wake up and update my self from some popular blogs i follow, i go through  my mails, Bbm, Twitter,Whatsapp,Facebook, i eat,and then start from where i stopped on any of the social networks......Hey! don't judge! i know you do it too!

By 5 pm i was tired of social network, well truth be said nothing new had come for me check out, you know, you have to wait at least 1 hr for people to put up something for you to view, especially if you are always the 'viewee', so i went to my mail and there it was!!!!!! THE MAIL has entered!!!!!!!....BUT.........

The welcome

Hello(English), привет(pronounced privet) (russian)Tere(Estonian),how far(pidgin), wassup(slang), choose which ever works for you.

Seeing as the formalities has been observed, I will like to welcome you all to this blog,.
we dont have rules yet, so posts can come in any manner, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly( which I doubt) loool, we would agree on that as time goes on.

I am not a politician, so promises is not exactly my strong hold, but I can guarantee you reading.......the type of reading would however be judged by you, whether it be enjoyable or boring or I urge you to stick with me and let's find it out together.

I have some confessions to make;

1. I have no idea on rules of writing/blogging
2. Technology and I have a mutual understanding, we don't like each other.
3. I am lazy and I doubt anybody in the world procrastinates more than I do. loool
4. more confessions would come as we journey through.

lets take a break for now..... see you after lunch.

Пока (pronounced paka, meaning- bye for now),(russian).