Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The city of love (Romance)

It  had me! i was captivated, i was awed! i was staring but not seeing, i was drooling, literally with my mouth open and saliva dropping down my slightly parted lips, i was in love (again). dont get me wrong, it wasn't the most magnificent thing i have seen, but i think it was just the timing and my mind set, plus the feeling of accomplishment (you see, i have been looking forward to this trip for a very long time.)
 it was an amazing journey until i needed some assistance, then it dawned on me that once again i'm in Europe, and English is not exactly there strong suit.(smh)
so i stayed in this fancy Hostel, not too far from the Airport, the reason i chose this hostel was because they had a shuttle to and from the Airport,( i didn't want to get ripped off by Airport Taxi's, seeing as it was my first time in Paris), the shuttle also takes you to the nearest train station where you can get a train to the city certain, it was just perfect for me.
 i have traveled a lot, but this was the first time i was travelling to a big city Alone, i got lost one too many times in the train station, but i felt at home with all the black faces around (it was nothing like Tallinn) so i knew it didn't really matter i can always ask around for my way.(my first disappointment)
Anyways when i got a hang of my way around, i had fun, it was a great week, i did everything (you can imagine i would do) a tourist would do , i visited every nook and crannies, i took late night walks, i drank wine with strangers, i was elated, it was trip i would like to re live.

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