Tuesday, 7 February 2017

One year gone!

Hello People,
It's a new year, its a new life and i'm feeling good.... 
First, i must apologise, its been a year already people, on e whole year since i last visited, you can be certain a lot has happened.. where do i even start from? 
I have fallen in and out of love , 
I have played parent and kid role,
I have finally finished that Thesis and graduated,
I got a job,(nothing fancy)
I have lived in three different locations in the past year,
 Yes i traveled too (that  is the most important, and boy! did a lot happen on that trip)
It has been one crazy life since the last time i was here...
 I have lost friends (well, people i thought were my friends)
I know you want to hear about it, but no worries i will dish.

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